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Bottle of Velvet Swing

Cannabis-infused lubricant available in California and Washington

100mg THC / 33mg CBD


Velvet Swing is the world's first water-soluble cannabis lubricant. It contains both THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend designed specifically for sexuality. The combination is pure magic: it can improve blood flow, sensation, and orgasmic potential. That's why our tagline is "Better Orgasms." Here's what you need to know to get the most out of Velvet Swing:

  • You don't use it like regular lubes--it's more of a primer. Apply 2-5 pumps right at the beginning of sexual activity, or even at the beginning of the night. Whether with a partner or flying solo, try to give it at least 20 minutes to soak in (though you can start to feel enhanced sensation right away). Feel free to use or dilute with other lube as needed.
  • It won't get you high...unless you ingest a lot of it orally or anally. But it does go nicely with smokables, edibles, and tinctures like Velvet Kiss.
  • It's compatible with all safer sex supplies and toys. Latex, polyisoprene, silicone, it's all good.
  • It doesn't taste or smell like weed.
  • Try, try again: Because all bodies are different, it make take a few tries to find the right dose. But when you do, hold on!


Merry Jane
Dope Magazine
Marijuana Venture

Designed by women

Meet The Founders


Mistress Matisse

Mistress Matisse has been a sexuality writer, educator, and activist for over 20 years. Helping people have great sex is her favorite thing. After discovering cannabis’ ability to enhance her own sex life, she was determined to spread the revelation and partnered with the emulsion scientists at Tarukino™ to develop Velvet Swing™. She lives in Seattle. She tweets at @MistressMatisse.


Chelsea Cebara

Chelsea Cebara is a professional sex educator and an absolutely massive weed nerd. She has been helping humans effectively and mindfully combine sex and cannabis since 2010 as a medically-certified cannabis consultant and product developer. She lives in Seattle and speaks nationally on the intersection of cannabis with sex, kink, and consent culture.


Will Velvet Swing get me high?
Will Velvet Swing get me high?

It depends on how you use it. The vagina doesn’t absorb THC directly into the bloodstream, so the use of the product vaginally will not get you high. If you orally ingest a large amount of Velvet Swing or use it anally, there is a chance that you would get high as these body parts absorb cannabis directly into the bloodstream, while the vagina does not.

Can men use Velvet Swing?
Can men use Velvet Swing?

You, us, and anyone we know! No matter your gender or pronoun, Velvet Swing is there to add some excitement between the sheets for you, or your partner. Yes, men can use Velvet Swing but the effect will be different if used with penile tissue vs anally. About 1 in 5 men report that Velvet Swing™ delays penile orgasm, but that their climax is longer and stronger.

How will Velvet Swing give me better orgasms?
How will Velvet Swing give me better orgasms?

Because it’s MAGIC. Just kidding...the THC and CBD are what feel so good. THC dilates the smallest capillaries, which increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity, and can lead to longer, stronger orgasms. CBD works synergistically with THC to relax blood vessels and muscle tension, leading to easier, and more pleasurable intercourse.

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What People Say

“The fact that this lubricant is water-based is essential. No sticky mess, and you can enjoy it solo or with your partner. Velvet swing is a win in my book, and I plan to have it reside for some time on my nightstand!”

- Andrea M.

“Some sexual enhancement products are all hype, but when one is made by women and includes cannabis, it gets our attention.”

-Seattle Met

Seattle Met

“The hardest part of the session was waiting the twenty minutes suggested before getting my groove on. My lady bits were much more, shall we say, prepped for the experience and my orgasm was both longer and stronger than usual.”

- Cannabis, Sex, & Coffee Connoseur via Dope magazine

Dope Magazine


Oh. My. God. It is AMAZING! I'm pretty sure we could achieve world peace if everyone had a bottle of this stuff

Female Budtender in WA

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My girl did it!! Congrats @TheCannasexual!! (Good thing you made that hair and makeup appointment after all 😘)

Chelsea does indeed KNOW THINGS and truthfully we should just all do as she says at all times 👍

@velvetswing I do this. And then explain that is compatible with silicone and condoms. They get real quiet. It makes me giggle. They point to all the others and I say 'but not with condoms. I put condoms on my toys..."

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