Velvet Swing – Taking Your Love Life To A New High

Velvet Swing – Taking Your Love Life To A New High

If your sex life is leaving you wanting more, or you’re just looking for a way of spicing things up in the bedroom, it might be time to try something a little different. One of the best new ways to do that is with a cannabis topical designed to improve your sexual experiences and take your orgasm to the next level. And the best cannabis lubricant on the market is Velvet Swing, a product that’s been designed by women, for women, and which has been proven to give 8 out of 10 women stronger and longer orgasms.

It certainly sounds amazing, but how does it work, and what do you need to know about it?

How Do Marijuana Infused Lubricants Work?

For generations, many people have found that they had more pleasurable sex when they’ve been using pot, but not everyone want the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Now thanks to this innovative marijuana-infused lubricant, it couldn’t be easier to use – simply rub Velvet Swing into your erogenous zones about 20 minutes before you’re ready to enjoy yourself, and get ready for a more intense and sensual experience.

The two main cannabinoids in marijuana are THC and CBD, and both work together with relax tension in your muscles and relax the blood vessels, making intercourse easier and much more pleasurable. THC works to dilate the small capillaries to increase blood flow and heighten sensitivity, with the result that your orgasms will be longer and stronger for a more satisfying experience.

Velvet Swing has a balanced ratio of CBD and THC and also contains a custom blend of terpenes so it is absorbed to the max, ensuring you get more power out of those cannabinoids to increase sensation in your intimate areas and take you to new levels of ecstasy.

How Do I Use It?

It couldn’t be easier to use Velvet Swing. Simply massage Velvet Swing all around and into your sweet spot, around 20 minutes before you’re ready to get passionate. While some women are satisfied with just two pumps, you may want to try 5, or even 10 for a stronger and more powerful effect. Everyone’s body reacts differently, and enjoying a little experimentation will help you to find which is the right level of application for you so you can maximize your pleasure.

What’s So Good About Velvet Swing?

Although there are other cannabis infused personal lubricants on the market, Velvet Swing is unique. For a start, it’s the only water-based lubricant of its type available, so you can use it safely with latex condoms without any worries about them breaking – another thing you won’t have to worry about during your mind blowing sex. Also, since there aren’t any parabens, alcohol, glycerin or propylene glycol used in its ingredients, and it is also pH balanced you can apply it liberally without experiencing any irritation or discomfort, for worry-free pleasure.

Does Velvet Swing Make You High?

While Velvet Swing does contain cannabis, it won’t make you high. The vagina has no direct path to the bloodstream, so unless you apply it anally or eat it (in excessive amounts) you’ll enjoy all of the fun of stoned sex, but with none of the mental effects that can make you feel out of control.

Are Cannabis Topicals Just For Women?

Although Velvet Swing has been designed specifically for women by women, that doesn’t mean that it’s exclusively for feminine use. Everyone can enjoy the pleasure enhancing effects of this lubricant, so whether you’re male or female, or whether you’re using it as a couple or enjoying it solo, you’ll still enjoy all of the benefits that marijuana can bring your sex life. Velvet Swing may be have been created with the pleasure of women in mind, but it’s fun for everyone.

Will It Be Detectable?

Nobody wants to broadcast the details of their sex life to the world, and some ladies who are interested in using a cannabis infused topical are worried that there will be a telltale odor to give them away. There’s no need to worry about that with Velvet Swing, as it is only has a lightly sweet aroma. You also won’t need to worry about any unattractive or oily stains on your lingerie or bed linen spoiling your experience since this product is also oil-free. If you’ve got concerns about your nights of pleasure being detected by a workplace drugs test, there’s no need to stress, as cannabis topicals won’t show up on any of the common drug screening tests used for employment purposes.

Who Can Use Velvet Swing?

Velvet Swing is suitable for use by anyone who wants to enjoy a more sensual experience, whether they’ve been a fan of cannabis for a long time or whether they’ve never used it before, Velvet Swing is an easy and effective way to enjoy more romance and passion in your life. As it won’t make you high, it’s suitable for use by newcomers to the recreational marijuana scene, bringing you heightened sexual arousal without any worries. It’s a great choice for women who struggle with dryness and discomfort, but it’s also fantastic for anyone who just wants to take their sex life up a notch and try something new and exciting in the bedroom. If you’re ready to begin experimenting with cannabis in a safe and easy way, Velvet Swing is the perfect product for you.

How Does It Feel?

While every woman is different, many report a localized warm, tingling sensation when they apply Velvet Swing to their intimate areas. As well as helping to increase your desire and put you in the mood, it’ll also make your orgasm more powerful and more intense for an amazing addition to your sex life.

Try Velvet Swing! and put a little more excitement into your love life.

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