The Velvet Swing™ – Cannabis Enhanced Sensual Lubricant: A DOPE Staff Review!

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The Velvet Swing™ – Cannabis Enhanced Sensual Lubricant: A DOPE Staff Review!


Test Results: 100mg THC | 33mg CBD

Designed by two incredible women, Velvet Swing offers partners of all genders the opportunity of long, strong orgasms—with occasional tingling and coolness experienced by some fans. The lovely Mistress Matisse swung by our office to drop off a handful of samples, and the DOPE ladies couldn’t wait to get their review on—let the orgasms begin!

Review 1:

I am stoned. I am stoned because I smoked flower out of a bong, however, not because I used cannabis lubricant. If you are looking at reviews of THC lube (of any brand) to get high from your genitals, then I would suggest putting the lube in a vat of radioactive waste so that it might inherit powers of the impossible, or perhaps take a bath with a plugged-in toaster to launch yourself into another dimension where you can somehow get high from lube.

Without going into too many dirty details, I used this lube on a night after a few too many shots of tequila, which either makes me want to start a fist fight or have a roll in the hay. Luckily for my boyfriend, it was the latter. I don’t use lube too often, but when I do I prefer water-soluble options, so VS was perfect. As a lube it was effective; I anticipated it would be like Trojan Fire and Ice, which is essentially sexy Bengay. I was pleasantly surprised! I felt a bit of coolness and tingling down there, which made things a bit more interesting. I would recommend being clean beforehand—though it is unscented, this stuff is like an olfactory boom box, so shower first.

-Sexless in Seattle

Review 2:

I’ve written my Velvet Swing review to be subtly entertaining—unlike the experience I actually had with this product—which was fantastically entertaining! After trying on my own and with a partner, I’m partial to using this lube solo. The instructions said to focus on the outer area of the vaginal zone—which I did. When used with my partner, I didn’t find the lube to be as effective as when I used it on my own. Maybe we didn’t concentrate on the area enough…I don’t know, but it just didn’t amplify much during our session.

On my own, however, the lube was a different story. After applied to the instructed areas, I didn’t feel cooling, burning or even tingling, which was okay by me because I tend to think that’s what all the other products do—burn or cool. So I continued on my way and found that it sped up the process. I didn’t find it especially lubricating, but the applied area was overall more sensitive and amplified the road there; the destination came quicker and was more intense. I’ve used it a couple times since, and look forward to more uses!

-Piper Sclarin

Review 3:

I’m going to preface this by saying this was my first time using a cannabis-infused lubricant. As instructed, I used 10 pumps 30 minutes prior to self-pleasure. I actually really liked the texture of this product; it was not as slimy and oily as most lubricants I have used in the past. Within five minutes, I began to feel a warming sensation, and I have to admit that the warming sensation definitely made me hornier as the 30-minute time clock ticked down. I did not apply it to my actual toy, but the ten drops I had already applied provided enough lubricant to not need any more.

I have to say that I was able last much longer than usual and the buildup was intense, so intense that I thought I was going to have the biggest orgasm I’ve had in a long time, but right at that moment when you’re expecting to explode…it just fizzled out. There was no explosive moment of climax. It felt great, but I was a little disappointed at the end. I will definitely use it again to see if there are different results.

-Mass Chaos

Review 4:

The velvet swing product has been my go-to sensual lubricant whenever I need a pick-me-up. It is very subtle, with a pleasant warming sensation. It says to wait at least 20 minutes after application before you can expect to feel anything. After 10 minutes, there was a very tingly numbing effect that I promise you I wasn’t mad about. The fact that this lubricant is water-based is essential. No sticky mess, and you can enjoy it solo or with your partner. Velvet swing is a win in my book, and I plan to have it reside for some time on my nightstand!

-Andrea Mercedes McCaw

Review 5:

I come into most situations with a bit of skepticism and was pleasantly surprised and invigorated with my Velvet Swing experience. The hardest part of the session was waiting the twenty minutes suggested before getting my groove on. My lady bits were much more, shall we say, prepped for the experience and my orgasm was both longer and stronger than usual. For the price, I would recommend this product to friends. As a bonus, men who are uncircumcised can benefit from the lubricant as well.

-Cannabis, Sex, & Coffee Connoseur

-Takes around 30 min to feel effects, peaks around the 40-minute mark and lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours

-Water soluble and latex safe

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