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Hi there! My name is Mistress Matisse, and I am the founder of Velvet Swing, the world’s most amazing cannabis-infused sensual lubricant. If you’re here, you may be reading this and wondering, “Cannabis lubricant? What’s that?” Sit back and let me tell you all about cannabis lubricants in general, and about Velvet Swing in particular.

My introduction to cannabis lubes came – I do confess it – years before pot was legalized in Washington. People used to make them on the stove, with coconut oil. And they were a lot of fun, but they were sort of a mess. It took hours to make them, the whole house smelled strongly of weed, and – they were oil-based. Many women’s bodies do not like oil in their most sensitive places, it is mess and it can cause irritation. And anything oil-based is not safe for use with a condom, because oil degrades latex to the point of breaking. So, these old-school lubes did produce some happy happy times for me! But: they were also kind of a hassle.

Flash forward to 2017: pot is now legal in Washington. I personally went out and bought every type of cannabis sensual lubricant I could find, hoping to find that lightning-in-a-bottle experience I’d had before, without all the mess and smell and oil. But much to my disappointment – none of the products on the market impressed me at all, and they were still all oil-based!

It was then that I realized: I’m going to have to MAKE this product. Since I have been a sex writer and educator for years, I understand that products you use in your intimate life must be of the highest quality. And: I had been introduced to a company called Tarukino, that was doing something I did not know could be done – they had a patented technique for making pot water-soluble!

That’s how the idea for Velvet Swing was born. Together with Tarukino and my colleague Chelsea Cebara, after much experimentation and development and rigorous testing, we brought our first bottles to market in March of 2017, and I’ve never been more proud.


Now, let me tell you how it works! Because that’s why you’re here, right? Tell us about the orgasms, Matisse!


For starters, Velvet Swing contains both CDB and THC, the two main cannabinoids in marijuana. THC is a vasodilator, and it sharply increases blood flow to the intimate areas where it’s applied, resulting in very sweetly swollen and sensitized bits. It also stimulates your own natural lubrication. It’s like if you took hours of gentle foreplay and slowly-building arousal and just – condensed all that into a lubricant. We often refer to Velvet Swing as “liquid foreplay”, and when you try it, you’ll see why!

The whole Velvet Swing experience feels very natural and organic, not at all like you squirted some who-knows-what corporate chemical into your sweet spot. What we say of Velvet Swing is that the THC in it will NOT make you head-high. No pot product that you rub on your skin does. So you’ll be clear-headed, but your pussy will be very high and happy!

The CBD in Velvet Swing does two things: first, it supports and nourishes your sensitive inside tissue, which can sometimes be vulnerable to too much friction, leading to pain during intercourse. Pain during penetration is unfortunately all too common in women, and needing some extra lubricant is no reason for embarrassment. Women’s bodies change as we go through the month, and as we go through life. Many different factors can come into play with women’s natural vaginal lubrication – stress, hormonal changes, even medicines. For example, “dry mouth” is a commonly-listed side effect of many prescription medications. And if it makes your mouth feel dry – well, chances are good it is going to have that effect elsewhere too.

The second thing the CDB in Velvet Swing does is to gently spread into your immediate abdominal area and help soothe and relax tension that you may be carrying in the muscles that surround your vagina, because tight muscle tension in your abdomen is one of the other things that can make penetration uncomfortable.

As with most pot products, Velvet Swing takes a little time for its effects to be at their fullest. In this sense, Velvet Swing is not a true lube, because it’s not just a bottle of slippery stuff made to facilitate friction. It’s designed to help you have AMAZING orgasms. Longer and stronger orgasms, and more-likely-to-be-multiple orgasms!

So there’s never a WRONG time to use Velvet Swing, but a little pre-planning will go a long way here. If you’re thinking of have intimate time with your partner, dab some Velvet Swing on a little while before you hit the sheets. That way, when it’s game time, you’ll feel more relaxed, and your honeypot will be warm and tingly, and ready for happy times!


I look forward to talking with you all more about sex, and orgasms, and Velvet Swing news and events, so watch this space! ~ Matisse

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