Review: Velvet Swing™ Marijuana Lubricant!

JUNE 15, 2017 ~ TARYN

Remember that time I got my pussy stoned? Yeah. Good times.

I live in Washington, so recreational pot is legal here. I partake once in awhile and smoke semi-regularly. I find it really helps with my anxiety, especially after a panic attack. It also helps with my orgasms. Weed makes me a horny little fucker, and my orgasms are super great when I’m stoned. So when I heard about Velvet Swing™, I was immediately intrigued.

Velvet Swing™ is a marijuana-infused lube. It doesn’t get you high in the traditional sense (well, it does if you put it in your butt) but it does increase your sensitivity. It’s primarily made for people with vulvas, though penis-owners can experience some additional sensation as well.

The first time I used it was with my partner. He made it a point to make sure it came in contact with my g-spot, which was a really good call on his part, and fingered me, used a vibe on me, and fucked me real good. I didn’t come, but that’s not unusual with partnered interactions.

The second time I used it was by myself. I slathered my vulva in it and paid special attention to my clit. I puttered around the house for 20 or so minutes since it takes 20 to 40 to really kick in, and then settled in for some quality time with my Tango and S Curve. That was a pretty stellar orgasm if I do say so myself.

I’ve used it more than a few times since then, and really only have a couple negatives to note. First of all, it’s a lube… but not really. If you need good lubricant for your playtime, this will be a good starter, but you’ll need an actual lube for penetration or anything like that. Think of it more as a topical product rather than an actual lube.

Second, it’s kinda… green? I know this makes sense considering, y’know, pot plants are green. But it just looks a little unappetizing on a dildo after a nice jerk session! It takes some scrubbing to get off too. Most of it washes off just fine, but there are specks that pop up on almost all the toys I’ve used once it dries. It’s by no means a deal breaker, just be sure to take extra care when washing your toys after using.

That said, there are some really, really great benefits to Velvet Swing. It’s water-based, so you don’t have to worry about mixing it with silicone toys. I won’t say it makes my orgasms longer or stronger, but it does get me closer more quickly, really increases my sensitivity, and has actually made me feel closer to being multi-orgasmic than I’ve ever felt. Normally I can only have one orgasm a day, but this product might change that.

And honestly, it makes intercourse feel GREAT. Like, normally my g-spot takes the back seat during PIV, but with this, it feels like it takes center stage… just fine by me! On the subject of PIV, it also makes it more fun to be on top. Sometimes I get frustrated because my hips hurt and I can’t get the right leverage when I’m on top, but Velvet Swing makes me forget about that. It feels more like my whole vulva is engaged and makes it a lot easier to focus on good clit feelings to get me off.

As far as texture and stuff, it’s pretty thin. It’s a whitish color out of the bottle and doesn’t really get sticky, just dry. It has a light smell, not like pot at all, which is really nice.

As with all legal marijuana products, it’s a little pricey. 30 bucks will get you the 2ish ounces, but since it’s not an everyday lube for me, that feels like a price that’s just fine. If you’re in Seattle, go buy some Velvet Swing™ and try it out. Get your pussy stoned.

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